The fastest way to manage your inventory stock levels in woocommerce

Every second spent on managing your stock levels are lost money. OIMWC let you manage stock levels with a lightning fast speed you have never seen before so you can use your time on more important things.

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Manage inventory stock levels in WooCommerce

Collect all products with low stock, all in one place. Create fast and easy purchase order files for your suppliers with just a few clicks. It has never been this fast and easy to manage your inventory stock levels in WooCommerce.

Order and Inventory Manager for WooCommerce keep track of your inventory, help you with your purchases, assists you with order handling, and adds a lot of new time-saving features that make the workflow in WooCommerce a breeze to handle.

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Order and Inventory Manager  – Features

Create and manage purchase orders in WooCommerce

Create complete purchase order files with a few simple clicks.
  • Filter products by supplier
  • Enter the quantity you want to purchase
  • Click the create PO button
Upon arrival, you mark each item as arrived. The received product quantity is automatically added to the stock. If something is missing you will notice it fast and can quickly take up the issue with your supplier.You can at any time access and manage any purchase order you have ever made in OIMWC.

Get perfect control over your arriving products

Upon an receiving and order you fill in the amount of products that has arrived . When marked as arrived the product stock status updates automatically with arrived amount.

Manage supplier product info

Do you have supplier product info on papers, in catalogs and all over the place? Here is the solution!OIMWC let you add many new supplier related properties to your products. Information such as supplier, product ID, pack-size, purchase price, product URL and many more.
  • Product ID
  • Purchase Price
  • Pack Size
  • Supplier Product URL
  • Purchase Order notes

Multiple suppliers

Got more than one supplier for a product? No problem! OIMWC lets you add an infinite number of suppliers for each product. Each supplier can have its custom settings like purchase price, pack size, supplied ID, and more.

Order Management Tools

It’s a hassle to figure out what orders are ready to process. When process an order in WooCommerce you never know if you have all products in stock to ship that order. The only way to deal with this is to process one order at the time. But there is a solution!OIMWC keep perfect track of how much you have in your stock and what products each order has reserved. Never again will you start to process and order just to find out that you did not have enough items in stock to ship it.

Order status icons

All products in stock (ready to ship) Some product not in stock Products in stock but reserved for another order Contain product that is set to not manage stock

Order status filter

Filter out all orders ready to process with the knowledge that it will be no products out of stock in any of the orders listed.

Physical Inventory Stock Quantity

OIMWC calculate the quantity of all products you have in your physical stock and display it. Taking inventory of your physical stock has never been easier. All you have to do it count it and compare it to the physical stock value OIMWC show you and adjust if needed.

Inventory Stock Value

OIMWC logs and keeps constant track of your entire inventory stock value. It’s divided into each currency your suppliers use. So, if you buy in USD and in CNY both values will be shown.Knowing the worth of your stock is very handy to have for insurances and accounting.

Set products as discontinued in WooCommerce

Do you have product you not longer want to keep in stock? Flag that product as discontinued!As soon as the product is sold out, all WooCommerce related functions to that product cease to function, like add to cart and wish lists. The product will also be hidden from category pages and search results but the product URL will still be live to retain all SEO traffic.

Discontinued Product Notification

There is a clear text in the product page that inform the customer about the discontinued product.

Filter discontinued products

List all discontinued product for each bulk actions

Admin Quick Search Bar

We know how frustrating it can be to search a product or an order in WordPress, every time you have to go to the order page or product page, it just take so long to do.

OIMWC let you navigate your WordPress WooCommerce interface much faster with the Admin Quick Search Bar from any page! It’s not limited to WooCommerce search fields, you can search anything you want, like blog posts, products, orders or pages.

Product Pack Sizes

Set your pack size on your products so the customer can clearly see how much they get when they buy form you. You also got the option to set your supplier pack size for easier calculations when you refill the stock.

The pack-size is clearly visible for all visitors. This feature can be turned of if you find it not needed.

Secure Sensitive Information

If you have employees who manage your shop then you might not want all to have full access to your sources and source information.This plugin solves that by only having the admin user roles having access to all supplier information. You can then either assign user roles to also gain access or specific users.

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