I did just install the the OIMWC plugin, what do I do now?

Thanks for using our plugin! The first thing you have to do is set up your suppliers. Go to the supplier tab and add all your suppliers. Assign the newly created suppliers to your products. Do this in the product edit page under the order and inventory manager tab or if it is a [...]

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Why doesn’t my product warn for low stock?

There are a few requirements a product must fulfill to be listed as a product with low stock. Product type needs to be set to simple or variation (variation of variable product type). Variable, grouped, and external type is not listed. It needs to have the setting "stock management" enabled. The setting "Low stock [...]

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How do I update the plugin to the latest version?

Updating the plugin can be done in two ways. The first option is to go to your account page in OIMWC. In there you will find an update button if a new version exists. It will say "Install Update Now [version number]" The next option to update the plugin is the normal [...]

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Patch notes

1.4.6 *Fix: Resolved an issue of all products not showing up in the purchase orders. *Fix: Fixed product notes on the purchase order page. *Fix: Fixed the issue of pack size on the low stock page. *Fix: The remove button wasn’t working on the purchase order page. *Fix: Fixed warning on the purchase orders [...]

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What does each version give me for features?

We offer 4 different versions of the Order & Inventory manager plugin for WooCommerce. First up we have the Free version "Copper" In Copper, you only get the most basic functions with a small taste of what the full version has to give. We give you the supplier feature so you can assign suppliers [...]

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How do I contact you?

You can use the form below but please note that we are only answering pre-sale questions and no support-related questions about the plugin. We do not answer questions like these How do I install this plugin? How can I make it so this work with that? How do I change this? This does not [...]

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