We offer 4 different versions of the Order & Inventory manager plugin for WooCommerce.

First up we have the Free version “Copper”

In Copper, you only get the most basic functions with a small taste of what the full version has to give. We give you the supplier feature so you can assign suppliers to your products as well as add a custom low stock threshold level for all your products. With these two new parameters, you can now sort all your products with low stock by a supplier on the inventory overview page.

Next, we have the “Silver” version

You can all from copper and can now also add additional supplier product info to your products such as product ID, product URL, product PO notes, and purchase price.

You also get access to the purchase order tools where you now can create purchase orders directly inside WooCommerce. All your new and old purchase orders are stored so you can access them when you need to. All Purchase orders can be downloaded and modified after they are created.

On top of this, you get full support for this plugin.

Then we have the “Gold” version

Same as silver but with a lot more extra features.

Discontinued product feature. With this feature, you can set products as discontinued. The customer will get notified about this when browsing such a product. When a discontinued product stock runs out then the product will no longer be possible to buy and removed from all categories and search results on the homepage. The direct link to the product will still work to maintain good SEO traffic.

Quick search bar.  A brand new search bar will appear at the top of the admin pages. From here you can search for anything from any page.

Pack size for products is another handy feature that allows you to set the pack size for your products. By doing so the customer also gets informed of what they buy.

Order management tools help you fast and easily see what orders have all products in stock. You can also filter these orders for a very fast bulk action process.

And finally the “Platinum” version

With the platinum version, you get everything this plugin has to offer including all future features and improvements. To start off you get everything from gold.

Inventory stock Value – This records your complete inventory value each month in all currencies. You can keep perfect track of how much your complete stock is worth.

Access limiter – Limits the access to thins plugin to only selected rolls and/or selected users. Perfect in larger companies where you don’t want everybody to see your supplier information.

Order overview page – List all active orders with all products on one page. Great for problem-solving!