Order Status

In the WooCommerce > Orders -page there is now a new column, Stock Status. It will show up to 3 different icons for an order depending on its stock status.

Filter by order stock status

We have also added an option to filter all orders by stock status.

  • Fulfilled orders: All orders ready to be shipped including orders that have products with stock management turned off. By first selecting all orders who are fully paid and then filtering by fulfilled orders you only get orders 100% ready to be processed.
  • Not fulfilled orders: Here are all orders that do not have all products in stock. You should check this page because it might contain orders with light bulbs meaning that you might be able to take products from another order to create an order that has all products in stock.

Order preview and Order page

In the order preview page as well as in the order edit page you can see for each product missing how many that are missing as well as the supplier SKU.

Discontinued Product

You can set a product or product variant as discontinued on the product edit page. You then have the option to filter all discontinued products in the “WooCommerce > Products” page to see all your discontinued products.

To set a product as discontinued you first go to the product edit page and find the tab “Order & Inventory Manager”. In the tab, you check “Discontinued product” and update the product.
If the product is a variable product you instead check the option “Flag all variants as discontinued products”. Checking that option will set all your variants as discontinued.
If you only want to make one of the variants discontinued you go do Variations and then select your variant. Scroll down to find and check “Discontinued product”.

By setting a product as discontinued you do a few things automatically.

  • The product will no longer be shown in the page with products that has low stock.
  • Back orders will not be allowed.
  • Costumer will be notified on product page that this is a discontinued product.

When a discontinued product reach 0 in stock this will happen:

  • The product will no longer be possible to add to cart (buy button is removed).
  • If it is a variant the variant will be disabled.
  • If it is a simple product or all product variant is ser as discontinued and have 0 in stock then the product will change its catalog visibility to “Hidden”. This will hide product from product catalogs and internal search results but will keep the direct link to the product alive. This is very important for SEO.

If you get a product return and add it to stock then all then functions will be reactivated until sold again.

Admin Search Bar

In the top admin bar, a new search field is added. Select what post type to search (enable/disable post types in settings page). Start typing what you are looking for. The search bar will give you smart search suggestions depending on what you are writing. If you click on a search suggestion then you will be navigated to its page.