Inventory Overview

The inventory overview page is split up into two tabs.

Products with low stock

In this tab are all products listed that have reached their low stock thresh hold level. You can choose to filter the products by the supplier by selecting a supplier and press the button “Filter”. By doing this you also enable the input fields to the right as well as the “Temporary Add Product to Table”-function found the but button of the page.

Create Purchase Order

To create a purchase order you must for each product enter the qty how much you wish to order followed by pressing the “Create PO file”-button. As soon as you start entering the qty the plugin will calculate the cost of the product as well as the whole order based on the amount * purchase price.

Order a product not in list

If you wish to order a product that has not reached its low stock threshold level then you can manually add it to the list by entering the SKU of the product at the bottom of the page at “Temporary Add Product to Table”.

Add product to existing order

If you already have an active purchase order you wish to add a product to it you can do so by entering the qty you want to order and press the “Add to order” button. This will open up a select list where you can choose what order you want to add it to. Please note that only unlocked orders can have more products added to them. When you have found your order then select it ad press the “Add to order”-button.

Products awaiting delivery

This tab will list all products from a supplier that are currently awaiting delivery. You can find important order information regarding this product under the “Order Info”-column. Clicking on the purchase order number will take you directly to that purchase order.

To the right of each product, there is an input field as well as 4 buttons.

You can enter the qty of an arrived product in the input box and click the “Arrived”-button. This will add the entered qty to that product’s stock levels. If the qty is equal to the ordered amount or more then the product will be marked as fully arrived and no further actions can be made to that product.

Using the “Fully arrived”-button is the same thing as entering the ordered qty in the input field and pressing the “Arrived”-button.

The “Finalize”-button will set the product as finalized and no further changes can be made to it. This button is typically used when an ordered product can not be delivered to you.

The “Remove”-button will remove this product form the purchase order it belongs to. This button is only available on unlocked orders.