Inventory Overview

The inventory overview page is split up into two tabs, Products with low stock and Products awaiting delivery.

Both tabs have the option to filter products by the supplier and the option to search/filter products by name.

Products with low stock

In this tab are all products listed that have reached their low stock thresh hold level. To filter products by a supplier, select desired supplier in the select list. When a supplier is enabled, you enable the input qty fields to the right as well as the “Temporary Add Product to Table”-function found the but button of the page.

On the “Products with low stock”-tab, the supplier filter is divided into 3 supplier categories.

  • Threshold level reached: Suppliers here have reached the low stock threshold level that is set on the suppliers setting page. If any supplier has reached this level then this is also notified with a red dot at the OIMWC menu item in the main sidebar of the WordPress admin interface.
  • With low stock: These suppliers have a few products that have reached the low stock threshold level but not so many to trigger the warning level.
  • All in-stock: Here are the suppliers who have no products with a low stock threshold level reached.

The low stock page is divided into two tables.

Purchase Order Preview- table

This table contains all products you have entered a qty for. To move a product to this table you have to enter a qty for a product in the “Product”-table and then press the “Update PO preview”-button. This action can be done for multiple products at the same time.

You get an additional action button for products in this table, the “Remove” button. This set the qty for the product to 0 and move it back down to the Products-table.

Products- table

Here are all the products you still have not to begin to process by filling out a qty number.

Create Purchase Order

The first thing you need to do is to select the supplier you want to buy from. By selecting the supplier two things happen. All the products from that supplier that has low stock will be listed and both the “add to list” function and the QTY fields will be unlocked.

Next, enter the qty how much you wish to order for each product in the QTY column, followed by pressing the “Create PO file”-button. As soon as you start entering the quantity the plugin will calculate the cost of the product as well as the total cost for the whole order.

Order a product not registered in your store

It is possible to add products to a purchase order that is not registered in your store, with this feature it is fully possible to create a complete purchase order without having a single product in your store. To add a temporary product you start by selecting a supplier followed by pressing the “Create Temporary Product”-button. A popup will appear where you can fill in all the data for the product. When the product is added, it will be listed like any other product.

Order a unlisted product

If you wish to order a product that has not reached its low stock threshold level then you can manually add it to the list by entering the SKU of the product at the top bar of the page at “Temporary Add Product to Table”. Please note that you must select a supplier before this function will be enabled.

Another option is to check the box for “Show all products”. This will now list all products from the selected supplier, even the products that you have in stock. It can become hard to find what you look for if you have many products and that’s why we added the very powerful search function you can find at the top of the page. The search function will filter all relevant products without reloading the page.

Adding a product to existing order

If you already have an active purchase order you wish to add a product to it you can do so by entering the qty you want to order and press the “Add to order”-button. This will open up a select list where you can choose what order you want to add it to. Please note that you can only add new products to unlocked orders. When you have found your order then select it and press the “Add to order”-button.

Another way is to tick the checkbox “Show all products”, this will show all products from the selected supplier. From here we suggest you use the search function to find what you need. The search function will instantly show any products you are looking for without reloading the page.

Products awaiting delivery

This tab will list all products from a supplier that are currently awaiting delivery. You can find important order information regarding this order under the “Order Info”-column. Clicking on the purchase order number will take you directly to that purchase order.

To the right of each product, there is an input field as well as 4 buttons.

You can enter the qty of an arrived product in the input box and click the “Arrived”-button. This will add the entered qty to that product’s physical stock levels. If the qty is equal to the ordered amount or more, then the product will be marked as fully arrived and no further actions can be made to that product.

Using the “Fully arrived”-button is the same thing as entering the ordered qty in the input field and pressing the “Arrived”-button.

The “Finalize”-button will set the product as finalized and no further changes can be made to it. This button is typically used when an ordered product can not be fully delivered to you.

The “Remove”-button will remove this product from the purchase order it belongs to. This button is only available on unlocked orders.