Product Settings

A few new settings had been added to the product edit page. First, we have the “Order & Inventory Manager”-tab. If it is a simple product then this is where all the settings are made. If it is a variable product then this is where all default values are set for each variant.

  • Supplier: Choose the supplier you want to assign to this product
  • Supplier’s Product ID: Enter the product ID your supplier uses for this product. This is mainly used in your purchase orders.
  • Supplier’s Prod. URL: If they supplier has a homepage with the product on it then enter the URL to that page here.
  • Enable warning for low stock: Check this if you want the product to show up on the page with products that have low stock.
  • Low stock threshold: Enter the qty when you consider this product to have low stock.
  • Physical Stock Status: A lot of calculations in OIMWC are made based on this number. It represents how what qty your physical stock has right now. This is the number you want to compare with when taking inventory. If this value falls below 0 and warning message will be displayed inside OIMWC.
  • Product Notes to Supplier: If this product has special need the supplier product id do not cover then enter it here. It can be something like: “Include custom manual”.
  • Purchase price: Enter the value the supplier sells this product for.
  • Supplier pack size: Enter the supplier pack size.
  • Units in stock: This keep track of how many units you have in stock. Let’s say you sell a 10 pack of something and have 16 units in stock then you will have a stock qty of 1 + 6 units.
  • Shop pack size: Enter your shop pack size.
  • Product unit: Enter the unit this is sold by. E.g. piece, meter, kit
  • Display pack size on product page: You can choose if you like to show the pack size on the product page for this product. The preset value will be whatever you set in the main settings page.
  • Discontinue Product: This will set the product to be discontinued.
  • Flag all variants as discontinued products: This will set all variants as discontinued products.