Purchase Orders

This section is split into three tabs, Active and Finalized Purchase Orders and a hidden “Order #”. In the Active Purchase Orders-Tab, you can find all active purchase orders and under the Finalized purchase orders you can find all your old finalized purchase orders. To access the Order page, you first of all have to “Go to order”.

Active Purchase Orders

To the right of each purchase order, there are a few buttons.

Single Order

You can enter the qty of an arrived product in the input box and click the “Arrived”-button. This will add the entered qty to that product’s stock levels. If the qty is equal to the ordered amount or more then the product will be marked as fully arrived and no further actions can be made to that product.

Using the “Fully arrived button” is the same thing as entering the ordered qty in the input field and pressing the “Arrived”-button.

The “Finalize”-button will set the product as finalized and no further changes can be made to it. This button is typically used when an ordered product cannot be fully delivered to you.

The “Remove”-button will remove this product form the purchase order it belongs to. This button is only available on unlocked orders.

When all products in the purchase order are either finalized or fully arrived then the whole order will move from Active Purchase Orders to Finalized Purchase Orders.

Finalized Purchase Order

This is where all your old purchase orders are saved. You have the option to: