This is the place where you create and store all your suppliers. To create a new supplier, you click on the “Add new supplier” button located on the top-left region of the page. If you have many suppliers then you can also search for it with the search menu located in the top right region of the page.

The supplier list will show 3 columns.

  • ID: This number is very important when importing data to your products.
  • Supplier Name: This is the supplier’s legal full name.
  • Custom Name: Many suppliers use a custom name that in most cases is much easier to remember and is also what they are known as. This name is what will be used everywhere in this plugin as a reference.

Create / Edit Supplier

The important fields on the supplier page are:

  • Full Company Name: The supplier full company legal name
  • Custom name: Enter whatever you want to call this company. The custom name is what will be used as a reference in this plugin.
  • Currency: Your stock value will be calculated with the selected currency. Your purchase order values will also be calculated with this currency.
  • Low Stock Threshold Level: When this level is reached the supplier will be considered as a supplier that has many products with low in stock.