* New feature: Enable user to add multiple shipping addresses in the settings page. Any saved shipping address can be used when creation PO-file.
* New feature: Added low stock threshold level field in the supplier page.
* New feature: Implemented searching of the supplier using ajax in the suppliers page.
* New feature: Possibility to sort all the columns of supplier page table using ajax.
* New feature: Possibility to sort all columns of the purchase orders tables using ajax.
* New feature: Possibility to filter the purchase orders by supplier in the Purchase Orders page tables using ajax.
* New feature: Added search box to search the products in the table as well as supplier wise in the Inventory Overview page tables.
* Upgrade: All pages has been speed optimized.
* Upgrade: Removed default pagination of the tables. And added possibility to ‘Auto Load’ products while scrolling down the page in the Inventory Overview page tables.
* Upgrade: Possibility to filter the products by supplier in the Inventory Overview page tables using ajax.
* Upgrade: Orders in the Purchase Order pages will ‘Auto Load’ while scrolling down the page.
* Upgrade: Loaded order overview page data using ajax.
* Upgrade: Minimized the time of the page load of the Inventory Stock Values page. Get the current value of the stock using ajax.
* Upgrade: Load scripts and styles of the plugin on the necessary pages only.
* Design change: Made header sticky so that user can easily access all the functions wherever the user is on the page. Sticky header on Inventory Overview pages, Purchase Order pages and Suppliers page.
* Design change: Implemented compact and clear new design for all the pages.
* Design change: Implemented new design of the settings page.
* Design change: All admin pages are now responsive.
* Removed: Removed ‘Estimate Arrival Date’ column from completed purchase orders table.
* Removed: Removed search button from the admin search bar to enable user to search by pressing enter key only.
* Change: Made 1st topic open when user land on the help page.
* Bug: Bug in units in stock calculation.
* Bug: Fix OIMWC Inquiry email template format.
* Bug: Estimated arrival date on the front product page.
* Bug: Tool-tip content when change status by lock/unlock the order.


* Upgrade: Now order overview page includes all orders with custom order statuses.
* Upgrade: Missing stock qty functionality that shows in the order preview and the order details page now works with custom order status also.
* Fix: Bug when downloading PO file in different language while there is another language selected in the user profile.
* Fix: Bug in the calculation of the physical stock when user tries to change stock directly from the product edit page.
* Fix: select all checkbox missing in the orders listing page.
* Fix: javascript error while selecting variations in variable product if there is any filter removed from the variable product page.


* Minor bug fixes.


* Upgrade:  Added Supplier on the WooCommerce product page with the possibility to sort and filter by supplier.
* Upgrade: New supplier info – Tax/VAT number and Contact person.
* Upgrade: Added purchase order buttons directly to purchase order page.
* Upgrade: GTIN number (EAN, UPC and so on) can now be added to each product. The GTIN number are displayed on product font page.
* Upgrade: Purchase Order Status are now changed from Active/Finalized to Pending, Ordered, Receiving and Completed.
* Upgrade: Added low stock threshold level for suppliers. When X number of different product types from the same supplier has reached low stock value a notification in the admin menu will appear. The supplier name will be marked red in the supplier filter list.
* Upgrade: Added settings to change purchase order language.
* Upgrade: Added settings to select what data to include in purchase orders.
* Upgrade: Physical stock can now be directly changed.
* Fix: Some orders had the wrong order status icon.
* Fix: OIMWC e-mail template removed.
* Fix: Select-lists are now alphabetically sorted.
* Fix: Physical stock qty where not calculated correctly for custom order statuses. If you are using custom order statuses, please update your settings.
* Fix: RankMath where not showing correct URLs.
* Other: After a purchase order are created the user is sent to the purchase order page.


* Removed credit card requirement to start trials.


* Fix: Bug in the missing quantity status in order details page and order preview.


* Fix: Bug in the fulfilled orders list filter.


* Minor bug fixes.


* Bugg fixes
* Moved premium feature ‘Admin Quick Search Bar’ to free version of the plugin.