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I did just install the the OIMWC plugin, what do I do now?2020-09-25T09:56:43+02:00

Thanks for using our plugin!

The first thing you have to do is set up your suppliers. Go to the supplier tab and add all your suppliers.

Assign the newly created suppliers to your products. Do do this in the product edit page under the order and inventory manager tab or if it is a variant in the variant tab for that variant.

While you are here you also fill out all other information for your products.

If you have many products we highly recommend that you export all your products and import all new data for them. Further down you find more information about this topic under “How do I export and import OIMWC data?”.

You also want to take a look at the settings page to configure the plugin to work as you want it to.

How do I export and import OIMWC data?2020-09-25T10:04:04+02:00

At this stage, we assume you have already installed the plugin and have created all your suppliers. We recommend that you do a backup on the database before making any changes this way. The first thing we need to do open up the edit page for any random product and press the update button. This will update the database so that all the new custom meta will be visible when we export the products.

Next, in the left admin menu, we go to “Products” and then “All products”. In the top-left region, we find the buttons Import and Export. To make changes to the database we first need to export all products.

It’s important that you check the “Export custom meta?”. The custom meta is what we are going to change. Next, you click on Generate CSV.

WooCommerce has now generated and downloaded all your products in a single file to your computer. To open up this spreadsheet file you need a program such as Open Office or Excel. Open Office and free and that is what we will use in this tutorial.

Open up the file. The first thing you will see is an option window with a preview on how the document will look ones it is fully open. If the spreadsheet looks ok, klick Ok-button. Else you might have to change some option to have it display correctly.

The top row explains what each column does. For each row, you have a product.

To make it easier to see what we are doing, we are going to freeze the top row and some important columns to the left. Click on the E2 cell (to the right of “Name” and below “Published”) and then go to Window and Freeze (only for Open Office). This will lock all the rows above and to the left of this cell so that they are always visible. You can also delete all rows that you do not want to update. Doing so will make the document easier to navigate.

Inside this spreadsheet, you can change everything for all products such as price, featured product, description, name, and so on. What we will look for are the headers that start with “Meta: oimwc_”, those are the columns related to the Order and Inventory Manager plugin. If this plugin is the latest plugin you did install then all these columns will be to the far right.

The only type of product you want to pay attention to is Simple and Variation. To remove all other types of products from this document you select the whole “Type”-column “B” by clicking on the “B”. Next, you click the “Sort Ascending” or “Sort Descending” button from the toolbar. It will ask you if you want to expand your selection and yes you want that so click on expand selection.

All your product is now sorted by type. You can now go ahead and simply just select all rows that are not simple or variation and just delete those rows. Don’t worry this will not affect those products in the e-commerce store.

Now the document is fully prepared to make some changes to it.

The columns we want to edit are these:

Meta: oimwc_supplier_id – Here we enter the supplier ID number you want to assign to this product. To find the supplier ID you go WooCommerce > Order & Inventory Manager and click on the supplier tab. To the left of the supplier name, is the supplier ID.

Meta: oimwc_low_stock_threshold_level – Enter the value you want the product to be considered as low in stock. All products that have reached this stock level will be listed inside the Inventory Overview Tab in the OIMWC plugin.

Meta: oimwc_supplier_art_id – Here you enter what the supplier uses as product ID for this product. When purchase orders are created this ID will be visible to the suppliers so they know what you want to buy.

Meta: oimwc_supplier_product_url – If the supplier has a product page for this product then enter the URL to that address here.

Meta: oimwc_supplier_note – Sometimes the product ID is not enough to fully describe the product you want to buy. It might have some special size, print or color. Add that special note here.

Meta: oimwc_supplier_purchase_price – Enter the purchase price of this product. This value is used to quickly calculate PO estimated cost and is also there for your reference to check so the price is correct for the product you buy.

Meta: oimwc_supplier_pack_size – Only available in the Gold and Platinum version. If your supplier has a larger pack size then “1” of this product then enter that value here.

Meta: oimwc_our_pack_size – Only available in the Gold and Platinum version. If this product has a larger pack size the “1” then enter that value here.

If any cell converts what you write to a date, then select that whole column, right click on it to bring up the menu, and select format cells. Under category, you select text and then hit OK. You have to enter the value again but this time it will not change to a date.

When you are done, save the file!

Go to Products > All products and this time click the import button in the top-left region.

Click the “Choose File” button. Select your file we did just edit and click the “Open”-button.

IMPORTANT Check the box “Update existing products” and click on Continue.

Click on the “Run the importer”-button at the bottom of the page.

Done! All your changes have now been applied.

IMPORTANT Check the box “Update existing products” and click on Continue.

Click on the “Run the importer”-button at the bottom of the page.

Done! All your changes have now been applied.

How do I unlock more OIMWC features?2020-09-25T10:04:32+02:00

At this stage, we assume you have already activated at least your free version of the plugin.

Go to WooCommerce > Order & Inventory Manager. Next, go to the Pricing tab in the plugin top menu.

Select the version you want to upgrade to.

You can choose to pay Monthly, Annually, or a one-time “Lifetime” fee. You also have the option to use the plugin on 1, 3, or 10 sites.

After selecting a price plan, you will be sent to the payment section. Choose your preferred payment option and fill out all necessary fields followed by clicking the “Review Order” button. A summary of your order will be visible. Check all necessary checkboxes and hit the “Pay & Subscribe” button.

Your license is now upgraded but your plugin might still need to be upgraded as well. Download the new plugin from the link in the top or from the account page and install it the same way you installed the free version. The free version of the plugin will be deactivated automatically when you activate the new plugin.

Why doesn’t my product warn for low stock?2020-09-25T09:58:19+02:00

There are a few requirements a product must fulfill to be listed as a product with low stock.

  1. Product type needs to be set to simple or variation (variation of variable product type). Variable, grouped, and external type is not listed.
  2. It needs to have the setting “stock management” set to enabled.
  3. The setting “Low stock threshold” (located in the “In Order & Inventory Manager” tab, not in “Inventory”) needs to have a lower value than the current stock.
  4. It needs to have the setting “Enable warning for low stock” checked. This option is located in the “Order & Inventory Manager” or “Variations”-tab on the product edit page.
  5. The meta “Meta: oimwc_supplier_show_in_low_stock” have to be set to “yes”. This is only accessible when importing product data.
How do I update the plugin to the latest version?2020-09-25T09:59:05+02:00

Updating the plugin can be done in two ways.

The first option is to go to your account page in OIMWC. In there you will find an update button if a new version exists. It will say “Install Update Now [version number]”

Next up we have the normal way all other plugin are updated.

In the left admin side menu you will find “Plugins” and then “Installed plugins”.

Search for “Order and Inventory Manager for WooCommerce”.  Under the title you will find the text “Update Now” with a light yellow background color. Click on that link to upgrade the plugin.

How do I make a purchase order?2019-11-04T13:57:45+01:00

Coming soon…

How does the discontinued product feature function?2019-11-04T13:57:54+01:00

Coming soon…

How does the pack size feature function?2019-11-04T13:58:00+01:00

Coming soon…

How does the order management feature function?2019-11-04T13:58:07+01:00

Coming soon…

What does each version give me for features?2020-09-25T10:00:37+02:00

We offer 4 different versions of the Order & Inventory manager plugin for WooCommerce.

First up we have the Free version “Copper”

In Copper, you only get the most basic functions with a small taste of what the full version has to give. We give you the supplier feature so you can assign suppliers to your products as well as add a custom low stock threshold level for all your products. With these two new parameters, you can now sort all your products with low stock by a supplier in the inventory overview page.

Next, we have the “Silver” version

You can all from copper and can now also add additional supplier product info to your products such as product ID, product URL, product PO notes, and purchase price.

You also get access to the purchase order tools where you now can create purchase orders directly inside WooCommerce. All your new and old purchase orders are stored so you can access them when you need to. All Purchase orders can be downloaded and modified after they are created.

On top of this, you get full support for this plugin.

Then we have the “Gold” version

Same as silver but with a lot more extra features.

Discontinued product feature. With this feature, you can set products as discontinued. The customer will get notified about this when browsing such a product. When a discontinued product stock runs out then the product will no longer be possible to buy and removed from all categories and search results on the homepage. The direct link to the product will still work to maintain good SEO traffic.

Quick search bar.  A brand new search bar will appear at the top of the admin pages. From here you can search for anything from any page.

Pack size for products is another handy feature that allows you to set the pack size for your products. By doing so the customer also gets informed of what they buy.

Order management tools help you fast and easily see what orders have all products in stock. You can also filter these orders for a very fast bulk action process.

And finally the “Platinum” version

With the platinum version, you get everything this plugin has to offer including all future features and improvements. To start off you get everything from gold.

Inventory stock Value – This record your complete inventory value each month in all currencies. You can keep perfect track of how much your complete stock is worth.

Access limiter – Limits the access to thins plugin to only selected rolls and/or selected users. Perfect in larger companies where you don’t want everybody to see your supplier information.

Order overview page – List all active orders with all products on one page. Great for problem-solving!

How do I contact you?2020-09-25T10:01:17+02:00

You can use the form below but please note that we are only answering pre-sale questions and no support related questions about the plugin.

We do not answer questions like these

  • How do I install this plugin?
  • How can I make it so this work with that?
  • How do I change this?
  • This does not work, how do I fix it?

We do however answer questions that are related to a pre-sale matter like

  • Do you know if OIMWC is compatible with plugin X?
  • I don’t understand how this feature works, please tell me more about it.
  • Can I use Paypal as a payment option?
  • I want to report a bug in your plugin.

We offer product support only to users with an active premium license. If you are in need of product support, please use the contact form inside the plugin help pages!

Patch notes2020-09-25T09:43:11+02:00


* New Feature (Gold and above): Added support for the multiple suppliers. The user is now able to add more than one supplier for the simple and variable products.
* Upgrade: It’s now possible to create purchase orders for suppliers that do not have products that have reached there low stock threshold level.
* Upgrade: Categorized all the suppliers in the dropdown based on their low stock products in the low stock page.
* Upgrade: Added supplier product ID and supplier URL in the order quick view and order detail page for the products that do not manage stocks.
* Change: Changed the text of total ordered items based on the pack size in the ‘Products awaiting delivery’ and ‘View Purchase Order’ page in the ‘Order Info’ column.
* Change: Displayed warning popup when the user tries to create a purchase order without choosing any supplier. Added a tooltip message to the disabled QTY field.
* Change: Added ‘Admin login page URL’ in the support contact form.
* Fix: Missing supplier link.


* Fix: Issue in the units in the stock field.


* Fix: Table prefix in the wp queries.
* Fix: CSS issue of the page design.


* Change: Deactivate free version plugin if the premium version is active.
* Fix: Fatal error of redeclaration of the function.
* Fix: Stock issue while updating the product in the silver version plugin.


* New Feature: Added sub-total at the bottom of the low stock products table when a user creates a purchase order.
* New Feature: Implemented autoload product functionality for the Receiving, Pending, and Completed purchase orders.
* Upgrade: User now able to add the same product to different orders of same the supplier.
* Upgrade: Display confirmation pop-up with the product name in it when the user tries to add a product to purchase order.
* Design Changes: Removed sticky header for the mobile devices.
* Fix: Responsive design issue in mobile devices.
* Fix: The missing plugin icon in the plugin update listing table.
* Fix: An issue of showing error messages of the paid plans to the trial plan users.


* New feature: Add ‘Add to list’ functionality in the Purchase Order detail page. It allows users to manually add products to any pending purchase order.
* Upgrade: Modified ‘Add to order’ functionality using ajax. No need to reload the page when working with different suppliers.
* Upgrade: Modified low stock supplier counter functionality to reduces the page load times.
* Design: A dark overlay is applied to information when new data loads.
* Fix: When filtered by a supplier in the Inventory Overview page, all products were not listed.
* Fix: Manually adding product to existing order was not working as intended.
* Fix: Table separator issue in Awaiting delivery table.


* New feature: Enable user to add multiple shipping addresses in the settings page. Any saved shipping address can be used when creation PO-file.
* New feature: Added low stock threshold level field in the supplier page.
* New feature: Implemented searching for the supplier using ajax on the supplier’s page.
* New feature: Possibility to sort all the columns on the supplier page table using ajax.
* New feature: Possibility to sort all columns of the purchase orders tables using ajax.
* New feature: Possibility to filter the purchase orders by suppliers in the Purchase Orders page tables using ajax.
* New feature: Added search box to search the products in the table as well as supplier wise in the Inventory Overview page tables.
* Upgrade: All pages have been speed optimized.
* Upgrade: Removed default pagination of the tables. And added possibility to ‘Auto Load’ products while scrolling down the page in the Inventory Overview page tables.
* Upgrade: Possibility to filter the products by the supplier in the Inventory Overview page tables using ajax.
* Upgrade: Orders in the Purchase Order pages will ‘Auto Load’ while scrolling down the page.
* Upgrade: Loaded order overview page data using ajax.
* Upgrade: Minimized the time of the page-load of the Inventory Stock Values page. Get the current value of the stock using ajax.
* Upgrade: Load scripts and styles of the plugin on the necessary pages only.
* Design change: Made header sticky so that the user can easily access all the functions wherever the user is on the page. Sticky header on Inventory Overview pages, Purchase Order pages, and Suppliers page.
* Design change: Implemented compact and clear new design for all the pages.
* Design change: Implemented new design of the settings page.
* Design change: All admin pages are now responsive.
* Removed: Removed ‘Estimate Arrival Date’ column from the completed purchase orders table.
* Removed: Removed search button from the admin search bar to enable users to search by pressing the enter key.
* Change: Made 1st topic open when the user land on the help page.
* Bug: Bug in units in the stock calculation.
* Bug: Fix OIMWC Inquiry email template format.
* Bug: Estimated arrival date on the front product page.
* Bug: Tool-tip content when change status by lock/unlocking the order.


* Upgrade: Now order overview page includes all orders with custom order statuses.
* Upgrade: Missing stock qty functionality that shows in the order preview and the order details page now works with custom order status also.
* Fix: Bug when downloading PO file in a different language while there is another language selected in the user profile.
* Fix: Bug in the calculation of the physical stock when the user tries to change stock directly from the product edit page.
* Fix: Select all checkbox missing in the orders listing page.
* Fix: Javascript error while selecting variations in a variable product if there is any filter removed from the variable product page.


* Minor bug fixes.


* Upgrade:  Added Supplier on the WooCommerce product page with the possibility to sort and filter by a supplier.
* Upgrade: New supplier info – Tax/VAT number and contact person.
* Upgrade: Added purchase order buttons directly to the purchase order page.
* Upgrade: GTIN number (EAN, UPC, and so on) can now be added to each product. The GTIN number is displayed on the product font page.
* Upgrade: Purchase Order Status are now changed from Active/Finalized to Pending, Ordered, Receiving, and Completed.
* Upgrade: Added low stock threshold level for suppliers. When X number of different product types from the same supplier has reached low stock value a notification in the admin menu will appear. The supplier name will be marked red in the supplier filter list.
* Upgrade: Added settings to change purchase order language.
* Upgrade: Added settings to select what data to include in purchase orders.
* Upgrade: Physical stock can now be directly changed.
* Fix: Some orders had the wrong order status icon.
* Fix: OIMWC e-mail template removed.
* Fix: Select-lists are now alphabetically sorted.
* Fix: Physical stock qty was not calculated correctly for custom order statuses. If you are using custom order statuses, please update your settings.
* Fix: RankMath was not showing correct URLs.
* Other: After a purchase order is created the user is sent to the purchase order page.


* Removed credit card requirement to start trials.


* Fix: Bug in the missing quantity status in order details page and order preview.


* Fix: Bug in the fulfilled orders list filter.


* Minor bug fixes.


* Bugg fixes
* Moved premium feature ‘Admin Quick Search Bar’ to the free version of the plugin.

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